No Hardware Loyalty

The easiest loyalty program without hardware, anywhere.

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Simple Registration & Check-in

Consumers only need to provide their phone number or email address to the business. Every time the consumer visits the business, they just tell the staff member their phone number or email address.

  • No customer logins
  • No business logins
  • No phone or tablet needed

Merchant Staff Portal

Once the staff member has the customers phone number, they can go back to the reward portal and enter the consumers phone number or email address.

  • - Takes less than 20 seconds
  • - Has staff ids for tracking
  • - Access from anywhere

Automated Rewards

The system will automatically text or email rewards based on thresholds the business chooses.

  • - Custom thresholds
  • - Points based programs
  • - Simple check-in programs

Customer capture & communication

Our system automatically connects to email clients and a SMS client. This keeps all your customer data up-to-date in your choice of marketing services.

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